Monday, July 25, 2005

Galaxy Drive-In (

My wife and I went to the Drive-In last Saturday.

That's right. A real Drive-In theater. The Galaxy Drive-In is located on I-45 in Garret (about 40 miles South of Dallas).

For the unbelievable price of $6 per person, you get a double-feature. They usually do a great job of grouping the movies appropriately (two kids flicks, two action flicks, etc.)

We drove in, paid, and found our way around to Screen 1 to see "The Island" and "The War of the Worlds". As we parked, I noticed that the pole mounted speakers were not brand new. They seemed to be real, old fashioned Drive-In type speakers, probably 70's or 80's era. The sound was actually pretty good, too. I knew this because the speakers were blaring tapes of the Wolfman Jack show! I mean, c'mon! I'm at the Drive-In, listening to Wolfman Jack? I felt like I had driven through a time portal...

For those with whom mono sound is simply not an option, the Drive-In also plays the movie over a low-freq stereo FM broadcast. Between the pole-speakers and the cars around us playing their radios loud, we had no problems hearing.

We set up some chairs in front of the car, turned up the pole speaker, and enjoyed a coupla great movies. Sitting under the stars, flickers of lighting 50 miles south, a gentle breeze keeping us cool and the mosquitos away... I can say that I will definitely be enjoying the Galaxy Drive-In Theater again soon...

Unless they play "The Shining"... then I'm gettin in a damn closet and hoping that Bill Paxton doesnt' fuckin come to town!

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